For Hosts

Using the site

How long will my advert be published for?

6 weeks. We know it can take longer to find the right mondaytofridayer than it does to find a full-time lodger. The market is smaller but the advantages of renting your room to a working person for just 4 or 5 nights per week are huge. We’ll let you know when your advert is nearing the end of its period and you can choose whether to extend it for a further 6 weeks.

How much will it cost?

A 6 week advert costs £29.95, or £34.95 if you want a premium advert. This gives it profile on our social media and random appearance on the home page.

How do mondaytofridayers contact me?

You will receive an email through the website telling you there is a message waiting. You will be able to access the message in your mondaytofriday account.

Can I contact mondaytofridayers direct?

Not until they’ve contacted you. We surveyed our mondaytofridayers and they said very clearly that they didn’t want hosts seeking them out. They will search the site and make contact with hosts whose rooms interest them.  Once they have contacted you, you will be able to reply and start up a conversation.


Renting out a room

Should I have a written agreement with the mondaytofridayer?

Yes, yes, yes! You’ll find some advice on drawing up an agreement here.

What should I include in that agreement?

Have a look at our suggestions here.

Do you do security checks on mondaytofridayers?

No. It’s up to you to run any checks you want to, to make sure you feel confident in your mondaytofridayer.

How can I check that they are who they say they are?

We advise, as a minimum, that you ask for proof of their home address and workplace/employer.

If I have a single person discount on Council Tax, will I lose it if I have a mondaytofridayer?

Every Council is different, but most seem to agree that if the person is paying Council Tax at their own home, they won’t need to pay it for a part-time rental. If you want to be sure, ring your local Council Tax office.

Does having a mondaytofridayer affect my mortgage or rental?

It can do – it depends on your agreement. Most just want you to inform them if you are renting out a room.

Does it affect my insurance?

Again, it can do. It’s worth checking with your buildings and contents insurer.

How many nights is a mondaytofriday?

As few or as many as you want. But the norm is for a mondaytofridayer to arrive after work on Monday, and leave before work on Friday – 4 nights per week.


For mondaytofridayers

Using the site

Why do I have to create an account to contact hosts?

We want to make sure everyone using the site is as secure as possible. This means that we ask everyone to create an account before making contact with other site users.

How much does it cost to use the site?

Nothing. You can search for rooms and make contact with hosts entirely free of charge.

Will I be contacted directly by hosts?

No. It’s up to you to make the first contact.

How do I make contact with hosts?

Once you’ve found a room you’re interested in, you’ll see an option to message the host. All your messages are stored in your ‘My Account’ area.

How many can I contact?

As many as you want.


Renting a room

Should I have a written agreement with the host?

Yes, yes, yes!

What should I include in that agreement?

We’ve made some suggestions here.

What rights do I have?

Very few. As a lodger, with non-exclusive use of a room, your host can ask you to leave at any time. Try to agree in your written agreement the terms on which they might ask you to leave and a reasonable notice period.

Will the host want to security check me?

They may. Some will be happy for you to give proof of your home address and workplace. Others may want to go further and use an online security service like Experian. If so, they should ask your permission to do so.

Should I insure my stuff?

It should be covered by your own contents insurance, but it’s worth checking. It won’t normally be insured by the host.

Will I be able to leave stuff in the room over the weekend?

That’s up to the host. Work this out before you agree to move in.

How many nights per week can I stay?

Again, work this out with your host. But the norm is for a mondaytofridayer to arrive after work on Monday, and leave before work on Friday – 4 nights per week.

Can I have friends over?

This is something else to agree with your host right at the beginning. Some won’t want you to entertain – others might not mind.