How to write a MondaytoFriday lodger agreement

We always recommend having a written agreement between a host and MondaytoFridayer. Here’s a list of things we think you’ll need to include:

  • The amount the MondaytoFridayer is going to pay, how often and by what method
  • Whether the MondaytoFridayer is expected to pay towards any other costs
  • The deposit the MondaytoFridayer will pay and the terms upon which it will be returned at the end of the agreement
  • Which areas of the property the MondaytoFridayer can use, and when - including the number of nights per week they can stay
  • Whether and where the MondaytoFridayer can leave any personal possessions at weekends
  • The host's responsibilities, such as how often the room will be cleaned 
  • Any specific matters agreed between host and MondaytoFridayer that might impact on the behaviour of the MondaytoFridayer
  • How much notice you will give each other when ending the arrangement
  • The duration of the agreement

We also suggest the MondaytoFridayer should agree not to publish in any form photographs of the home, or to make copies of any keys without the agreement of the host.

If you'd feel happier with a formal document, you could use one of the online law companies.