Delightful Location - 2 minute walk from the town centre and parkland with lakes.


SP10 2BW
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End of Terraced Victorian Cottage. Decorated to a high spec, this warm comfortable home offers a double room with tv. Shared space includes kitchen/diner, downstairs bathroom with shower and use of the garden. On finer days, this space is a hidden gem with the River Anton gently flowing past the patio area. All bills included. Access to Wifi

Transport nearby

This property is a 10 minute walk from Andover bus station and 20 minutes to the railway station offering a direct line from Exeter to Waterloo. It takes a 10 minute walk to reach beautiful Hampshire countryside and a short drive to Harewood forest. Runner's paradise and so much wildlife to enjoy in this part of England. Winchester, Salisbury and Basingstoke are a 30 minute drive away.
The host is willing to negotiate on the number of days required per week/month and if an evening meal would be helpful.

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Highly recommended location - Two minute walk into town and five minutes to park with lakes. Easy walk to the station. Quiet household. River view

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£480.00/per month