Why become a lodger?

At times our situation may lend itself better to being a lodger in a home rather than a tenant in a full time rental.

Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider renting a weekday room.


  1. Avoid a long commute

Many people enjoyed more time in their days during the pandemic not having to head into the office every day or for those who perhaps just want to spend time in a different way, renting a Monday to Friday room can mean avoiding long commute times (and the strikes) so you can enjoy more time for yourself and less time travelling.

  1. Enjoy a hybrid lifestyle 

As a lodger, you can enjoy the best of two worlds. Perhaps you want to enjoy the buzz of city life during the week and then head out to the countryside at the weekends, or have to be away for a job during the week but come home to family at the weekend. Whatever the reason, MondaytoFridaying means you don’t have to choose, you can enjoy it all!

  1. Flexibility

A lodging is typically less formal than a tenancy, this means less rights (see the differences between a tenant and a lodger), but also more flexibility. You may have an agreement with no lengthy commitment, leaving you free to leave with less notice, should you want to keep your options open without committing long term.

  1. Try a different kind of home 

Lodging gives you the opportunity to enjoy living in a different kind of home, feel like a local in someplace new or even enjoy the kind of home you would not typically live in or be able to afford. The world is open!

  1. More affordable

Lodging tends to be a more affordable alternative to hotels or short term lets, with bills often included, as well as being cheaper than full time renting in more affluent areas, it can be a place to suit your needs while reducing the strain on your wallet.

   6. Security and comfort

If you frequently travel each week, renting a Monday to Friday home can provide a reliable home away from home and so feel more secure and comfortable than changing between hotels each week.


Whatever your reason, if MondaytoFridaying sounds right for you, take a look at our available rooms and find your ideal home away from home.